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Creating and protecting passwords

According to the article, Computer Security, “creating strong passwords and keeping them safe” is perhaps the most practical way to protect them since, in the same article it is stated in very specific terms that, the passwords we create must be “protected.” Since is a federal government website managed by the FTC “in partnership with [other] federal agencies” like the Department of Homeland security, this advice is not to be taken lightly; so I’m in full agreement with these recommendations.

Usage example: If your name is Peter Johnson and you have the BHPlus code memorized (A-1,E-2,I-3,O-4,U-5 + B-6,C-7,D-8,H-9) and encode your name with it to use as your password (P2t2rJ49ns4n), will you ever forget that password? See further down the page for more specific usage examples.

However, as the creator of ID Cover password creation method and author of the ID Cover Password Creation Handbook, I think it is necessary to do more than just suggest what should be done to create and protect strong passwords; we should provide Internet users with a method they could use to achieve strong password creation in accordance with the above recommendations; and the ID Cover Password Creation Handbook is just the guide that will serve that purpose.

Why? Because:

  1. ID Cover can be used to create longer passwords that are tougher to crack!
  2. ID Cover will help users determine the manner in which letters, numbers, and special characters are mixed to create passwords they can actually remember!
  3. ID Cover will help users utilize a place secure enough to keep their passwords safe and out of sight!

What makes the ID Cover Password Creation method so effective?

Usage example: If your name is Alice Walden and you have memorized the BHPlus code (A-1,E-2,I-3,O-4,U-5 + B-6,C-7,D-8,H-9) and encoded your name with it to use as your password (1l372W1l82n), will you ever forget that password? Continue reading.

It helps us create passwords by encoding things we can easily remember!

Applying password codes to…

Some actual people, places and things I can easily remember:

  • My own name – Tony the Admin
  • My Date of Birth – written out: September fifteenth nineteen sixty
  • Names of my parents – James & Charlane Phillips
  • Name(s) of my child(ren) – Robert, Barbara & Charles
  • Names of my grandparents – Julius & Natalie Phillips
  • Name(s) of my sibling(s) – Frederick & Pricilla
  • Name(s) of my aunt(s) & uncle(s) – Pauline & Buster
  • Name(s) of my pet(s) – Bingo
  • My street address – written out: Four seventy-three Main Street
  • Name of my City – Brooklyn
  • Name of my State – New York
  • Name of my best friend – Anthony
  • Make of my car – Infinity
  • Name of a past president – John Kennedy
  • Name of a landmark – Statue of Liberty.

Something I can easily commit to memory:

The BHPlus code: A-1,E-2,I-3,O-4,U-5 + B-6,C-7,D-8,H-9 where…

1 replaces A
2 replaces E
3 replaces I
4 replaces O
5 replaces U
6 replaces B
7 replaces C
8 replaces D
9 replaces H
And the “+” sign, if necessary where applicable.

Password codes as applied

Encoded people, places and things I will easily remember after committing code to memory:

  • My own name – T4ny t92 18m3n
  • My Date of Birth – written out: S2pt2m62r f3ft22nt9 n3n2t22n s3xty
  • My street address – written out: F45r s2v2nty-t9r22 M13n Str22t
  • Make of my car – 3nf3n3ty
  • Names of my parents – J1m2s & C91rl1n2 P93ll3ps
  • Name(s) of my child(ren) – R462rt, 61r61r1 & C91rl2s
  • Names of my grandparents – J5l35s & N1t1l32 P93ll3ps
  • Name(s) of my sibling(s) – Fr282r37k & Pr373ll1
  • Name(s) of my aunt(s) & uncle(s) – P15l3n2 & 65st2r
  • Name(s) of my pet(s) – 63ng4
  • Name of my City – 6r44klyn
  • Name of my State – N2w Y4rk
  • Name of my best friend – 1nt94ny
  • Name of a past president – J49n K2nn38y
  • Name of a landmark – St1t52 4f L362rty.

In conclusion

The encoded versions of “Some actual people, places and things I can easily remember” which appears above will represent actual passwords when spaces are eliminated between them (example my own name would look like this: T4nyt9218m3n, and name of a past president will look like this: J49nK2nn38y) and used in actual real life situations as may be required. Learn more about creating strong passwords you can remember with a simple click of the link on the above book cover or directly onto the cover.

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Please note: Most of the personal information used in the above scenario is fictitious in order to protect the privacy of the writer’s own identity and that of other individuals, friends and/or family members that may have been discussed.

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